An Israeli company owned by a Coveri family filed two trademark applications for “Coveri Kids” and “Coveri Home” as well as a 3rd party objection to the registration of two trademark applications filed by ENRICO COVERI s.r.l.

The same Israeli company also sued ENRICO COVERI s.r.l in the District Court for trademark infringement, however the suit was declined due to failure to deposit sum of money as a guarantee as ordered by the court.

The opposition was not accepted by the Vice Patent Registrar, Mrs. Jackline Bracha, in a detailed decision. The most interesting part of the decision was the fact that the Vice Patent Registrar did not ordered payment of compensation to the winning party, ENRICO COVERI s.r.l although that according to the Israeli law the winning party is entitled to compensation for payments revolving the legal procedure.

The reasoning was that ENRICO COVERI s.r.l did not file trademark applications in Israel before the conflict started and although filing of such is not mandatory and does not necessarily harm the rights of the unregistered trademark owner but it would have void the need in this specific litigation.

Israeli Trademark 237567