An unrepresented patent owner failed to pay the first renewal fees required immediately after the registration. In this case the date was June 2011.

Failure to pay the fees caused the abandonment of the registered patent in February 2012.

In 2015 the patent owner called the Israeli Patent Authority to check the status of his patent and was informed that the patent was abandoned.

The owner petitioned to the Patent Registrar.

In a decision issued by the Vice Patent Registrar, Mrs. Jackline Bracha, she noted that the Patent Authority failed to issue the patent certificate to the owner due to “computer failure”.

Hence, although the abandonment happened in 2012, the patent rights will be restored.

In an almost identical other case the Vice Patent Registrar issued an almost identical decision. The this second case the fee was to be paid in late 2014 and abandonment was in early 2015.

Israeli Patent 199046 200349